CCTV on Rent / Lease


Most individuals and organizations come across the general concept of affordable security in the following words:-

However they still hesitate to make investment in buying the solution until pushed by an unfortunate incident of LOSS happening in their close social vicinity. This a sad but real truth in toady environment of increasing crime and threat. By then the loss has happened and sometimes involving HUMAN LIFE which is irrecoverable.

A close analysis reflects the customer lacks the confidence of taking the decision not only on account of a major investment but also the true effectiveness of the solution proposed. These two facts make him alone and thus weak to adopt protection he needs otherwise. This results in delay or part adoption of the solution.

Crime does not wait and hits it’s pray. Human kind fails to learn from such lessons and the cycle of THREAT and LOSS continues in most situation.

DB Secure Solution Pvt. Ltd.  (DBSS) today offers to PARTNER with such customers to endeavor the responsibility of protecting them. DBSS team can offer solutions involving all aspects of security not only limited to Man Guarding but Electronic Security Systems and services on a RENTAL or LEASE basis.

This service would cover the cost of material supply, installation and also maintenance services. The bench mark of satisfaction will be true performance to be defined mutually with the customer.

Customer would not be benefitted by periodic outflow of funds but flexibility to upgrade, shift and service without second thought of making a REQUEST.
It will change his mind from SECURITY BEING A COST to SECURITY BEING AN ASSET.

Individuals, Startups, RWA’S , Schools, Retail shops, Libraries, Institutes and similar organizations have shown interest on which DBSS is already working.
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