Exclusive Security Products


DBSS represents Oncam Grandeye, UK manufactured exceptional 360 Degree view cameras that provide Total situational awareness by way of wide coverage of the scene and its recording at control room end. It is supported by a patented De – warping software compatible with most of the video management software of well-known global brands. The complete solution together focuses on five distinct but interrelated processes that embrace all levels of security and liability protection.

  • SURVEILLANCE: That is continuous and complete.
  • ACQUISITION: Of an event that fits a threat profile.
  • TRACKING: An event.
  • INTEROGATING: The significance of that event through a variety of resources.
  • VERIFICATION: Of the vent, resulting in a measured response by the appropriate party.
For details visit www.oncamgrandeye.com


DBSS represents HERTA SECURITY a world leader in the development of cutting edge facial recognition solutions. HERTA is based in Barcelona, Spain with offices in Madrid and London, the company offers fast, accurate, robust, end customer oriented solution for

Today this solution is adopted by Safe Cities, Airports, Railway Station, Metro Station, Prisons, Banks, Casinos, Corporates, Sports Stadiums, Shopping malls, Military Police, Intelligence and Forensic applications.
HERTA SECURITY has partners in 20 countries including DBSS in India.

For Details visit www.hertasecurity.com


DBSS represents VACRON abbreviated on this concept to provide a new surveillance vision based on advance technology in the security industry. It addresses different security demands, From Cameras to DVR’s IP Surveillance products to vehicle recorders.  A special  range to cover the surveillance requirement of CIT Vehicles, School buses, Public Transport, Ambulance, Fire Tenders and Police vans with GPRS tracking.

For Details visit : www.vacron.com


DBSS represents FUJICA, China on a wide range of products in the category covering Turn styles, Barriers, Parking Management, Door Access Control, Elevator Access Control, Time and attendance and Toll collectors. These are manufactured by FUJICA and tested to be certified to International standards. Installation includes several games location during Beijing Olympics.

For Details visit:  www.en.fujica.com.cn


DBSS is an authorized distributor and installer of NEMTEK branded Electrical Fencing products Marketed in India by Static Systems Electronics Pvt. Ltd. The NEMTEK range addresses many types of fencing needs ranging from Domestic, Retail and Commercial airports, Power Stations, Defense facilities and utilities
NAMTEK products have become not only a household name but are now being specified by many government, local authorities. This has been achieved by NEMTEK’S continuous innovations, fast response to the changing dynamics experienced in the security field, the reliability of their products and the continuous support and close working relationship with their clients.

For details please visit: - www.nemtek.com


DBSS is an authorized distributor for security products manufactured and marketed by STATIC SYSTEM ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. The company SSEPL has its own In House R&D facility and its products are tested by ERTL – Electronic Regional Test Laboratory, Delhi and Registered with DGS&D. The product range includes:-

  • Hand Held Metal Detectors.
  • Walk through Metal Detectors.
  • Deep search Metal Detectors.
  • Mail bomb Detectors.
  • Remote handling equipment.
  • Under Vehicle Scanners and
  • Guard monitoring Systems.

For details please visit:- www.staticsystems.in