Armed Forces

Col KC Goswami is the alumni of National Defense Academy (1962 batch), an institution at par with Sandhurst (UK) and West Point (USA). He served with the Elite Special Forces i.e. the Parachute Commando Regiment and commanded it in many counter and anti-counter terrorist operations. As a Colonel, in 1986, he was specially picked-up and placed as the Chief Operational Trainer of The National Security Guard, also known as Black Cat Commandos, India’s premier Counter and Anti-Terrorist Combat Force


Having served with the Armed Forces for over three decades, in 1992 he decided to join Group4 Securicor (then Group4 Securitas) a British MNC & world’s leading Risk Management Company. As one of the founder members of G4S in India, he has been intimately involved in organizing and developing its business and operations in India, south Asia, Middle East, Far East and North & South Africa (Erstwhile NAMESA Region).

Col KC Goswami founded Group 4 Cash Services in India in March 1997. There after he assisted in developing Group 4 Cash Services companies in Bangla Desh, Nepal, Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt. He has been also regularly training, developing and auditing their performance.

As an expert in Security Risks Analysis for Corporates and Industries, he has been advisor & developer to exclusive Indian & Global Institutions, viz, United Nations, Embassies & Consulates, corporates and Institutions. He specializes in developing Emergency Response Manuals (security) and test crisis management plans for Corporates and Institutions. He also conducts security related awareness capsules for Managements, Staff & Employees, and helps create an in-house pool for initial response to crises and emergency situations.
Col KC Goswami prides his over 20 year’s association with G4S

Present Status

Col KC Goswami has since superannuated from G4S in Jan 2008. He has been retained by G4S India as their Regional consultant for Manning, Cash Services & Training companies. His last appointment with them was as Executive Director, Risk management. He is now running his own consultancies under the name of Infiniti Total Security Management Services Private limited. DB Secure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and G4S still remains his passion and priority, Col KC Goswami is Advisor to DB Secure Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Col KC Goswami’s interests are not confined to core subjects and specializations. Shades of some of his pursuits, reflecting his overall personality are as follows:-

  •    Karate Black Belt (3rd Dan) and certified instructor worldwide.
  •    Paratrooper and show Skydiver (over 1000 descents)
  •    International Pistol shooter and Trainer of response shooters for VVIP security.
  •   Visiting faculty to IAS and IPS academies, Management Institutes and IIT Roorkee for conducting sessions on   various aspects of Terrorism, Corporate and industrial Security/Risks,
      Management of Crisis and Designing of Security.
  •   Occasional contributor to Print and Electronic Media.
  •   Qualified interpreter in Nepalese Language.
  •   Qualified Instructor - Certified Protection Officer Program, IFPO Florida, USA