Risk Analysis

DBSS Group conducts Risk analysis of the existing security design and efficacy at the corporate, industrial, retail or commercial facility of the organization.
It is a fact that no security design is effective for all times. With the change in politico – socio environment, the faces of threats also undergo changes.

Our Security risk audit, besides, primary and secondary risks also cover the extreme risks/threats, which  seemingly look local but have their epicenter elsewhere, may be across the international borders.  Areas of influence of threatening forces have become so widely dispersed that it has become difficult to draw distinguishing lines and separate them in contained physical territories.


  • For any successful business it is essential to be able to measure the performance of each of its functions and to develop them accordingly. The more effectively the security arrangements of the company function, the more losses are prevented & profits made.
  • The aim of a risk audit, therefore, is to check the level & efficacy of the security design and its capability to respond to the existing and potential risks/threats at the particular facility.


  • At DBSS Group we have a team of security risk auditors with  a wide ranging experience in conducting security audits worldwide, covering wide
  • spectrum of corporate, industrial, financial institutions, public gathering areas, commercial complexes and residential complexes.


The scope of audit is not limited to the integrated manning and physical security design. It would include:
  1. Politico-Socio – Economic state of the area and region.
  2. Type of Risks, Threats & Loss Potential at Premises.
  3. Risk Analysis of the Key Areas.

    • Prioritizing and Security Classification of the Key Areas,
    • Types of Threats Envisaged,
    • Vulnerability- Probability Analysis,
    • Loss Pattern and Archives Information,
    • Scope of Existing Security Design and Their Response Efficacy,
    • Gap Analysis and Criticality of Penetration,
  4.  Policies & Procedures, both, Security and Functional – for each Department,
  5. Implementation Design of the Policies and Procedures.
  6. Existence of Emergency response, Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Contingency Plans.
A draft report will be made and submitted for perusal and finalized.


DBSS Group will be glad to assist the client in implementation of the observations and up gradation of the security to respond to the perceived risks/threats. It can also assist the client in preparation of emergency and crisis response plans.

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