Security Audits

DBSS is committed to provide cost effective total security audits to our clients and bring awareness amongst the communities about how to take simple security and safety measures and avoid harm, damage and losses. In pursuant of this philosophy, our group has brought together a team of highly rated professionals from various segments of security profession and harnessed their professional acumen and services. We work very closely with security experts to conduct audits.We  provide end to end security audits covering most aspects of business.

These Include but not limited to :-
  • Security surveys and performance audits,
  • Information security,
  • Personal security,
  • Electronic Security Systems,
  • Trained operational controllers for monitoring and manning the control rooms,
  • Contingency planning and response to Emergency situations,
  • Risk assessment and management,
  • Disaster/Crisis management planning,
  • Business continuity plans,
  • Formulation of security and safety policies,
  • Formulate SOPs and instructions for security operations,
  • Preparation of security functioning and emergency response manuals and
  • Any other general or specific requirement of a Business or corporate
Security & Safety awareness capsules for managements, line managers and work force of corporate, Industries and other business. These are developed and conducted as per their needs and requirements :-

  • Fire prevention, detection and response procedures,
  • Bomb threats and explosions,
  • Preparing and responding to earth quakes,
  • Crisis response to Kidnap and ransom situations,
  • Responding to Hostage taking and barricading situations,
  • Executive Security/self-defense,
  • Women security,
  • Residential security,
  • Executive pistol shooting for self-defense( special program) and
  • Evasive Driving skills.
Specially chalked out training and development programmes for in-house/contractual security/protection officers

All consultancy services and awareness & development programmes are tailor made to the requirements and needs of the specific organization.
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