Beat Patrol

DBSS provides Night Patrol by trained uniformed security Guards thus adding another service for enhancing the existing level of security at the premises of any facility. It would be executed by a synergized combination of electronic and physical supervision. Through this Service we would be carrying out physical checks at your premises / establishment after closing hours and ensure that the Security and Safety of your establishment is in order.

It will Benefit:-

  • People who are away from their residences for short /medium term, on business trips or vacations(special service)
  • Markets,  trading  centers and shops who have dedicated security guards only at night/closed days and also who DO NOT have any manned security
  • Expensive items shops vis. Jewelers, Electronic Goods shops, Bank Premises, ATMs etc.
  • Stand-alone sites.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Mobile Patrolling Duties during night hours, from 2200 to 0600hrs. Check the premises twice during the shift.
  • Carry out checks on client’s existing security personnel if deployed.
  • Check that the premises is properly locked/sealed & not tampered with.
  • Investigate if any unusual activity, sound or light inside the premises.
  • Check if any suspicious vehicles or objects are lying around the premises.
  •  Check if any material subject to weather damage has been left exposed.
  • Check and challenge if any suspicious person is found at or around the premises.
  • Check and visit areas to observe that no criminal activity is taking place.
  • If desired by the client, check and give special attention to safes, strong rooms and cashier’s office where valuables may be stored.


During the Beat Patrol rounds at night shift, in case the Beat Patrol Officer comes across any of the following situations he will immediately inform the client, Police and our 24 hours Control Room.

  • Fire
  • Burglary  
  • Tempering with locks/seals
  • Any suspicious looking vehicle in vicinity  
  • Any suspicious movement near the location
  • Any unusual sounds and lights
  • Any person found on the premises whose presence is suspected
  •  Immediate response for any other kind of emergency

An electronic tag will be installed at client’s premises having an intelligent chip with specific information stored in it.

  • Our patrolling supervisor will conduct security and safety checks at night or as contracted and will inspect the security guard, locks and other security /safety devices at your establishments.
  •  Depending on the nature of contract two to three checks would be carried out per night.
  • Thereafter, he will swipe an electronic computerized   proxy pen on the tag. The Beat Patrol officer would capture details like time, alertness of the guard deployed, incident if any, suspicious activities or any other relevant information
This information will be later downloaded on a computer and the status information would be provided to the client, as required.

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